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My first novel, The Ice Age, was published by Text Publishing (Australia) and Picador (UK), to widespread critical acclaim and two award shortlistings: The NSW Premier's Awards, and the Commonwealth Writers Prize. Ghost Town, my second novel, was first published by Maine Authors Publishing in spring 2023, and is enjoying a devoted readership.


My short stories, comics, and essays have appeared in The Lifted Brow, Pen Pusher Magazine, and numerous other publications, both online and in print.

I read widely and weirdly. It can take me a long time to get around to reading what everyone else is reading, thus I'll probably never get a job in a bookshop. I love travel, animals, talking to strangers, learning new languages, art, roadtrips, forests and gardens, antique markets, weeds in the cracks of sidewalks, the ocean, time spent with friends, and time spent alone.

I'm a member of Sisters in Crime, the Maine Writers and Publishing Alliance, and the National Writer's Union.


Dazed and Confused Magazine short story, "All Cats Are Grey":

Pen Pusher Magazine short story, "Smoke 'Em Anyway":

Readings author interview:


Crikey author interview with Angela Meyer: author interview with Fiona Purdon:

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