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Tucked into reputedly haunted woods stretching to the horizon, the quaint, small-town ennui of Moon Hill, Maine is shaken by a concurrence of troubling events: a horrific crime, several missing people, and the arrival of a mysterious lone toddler. A years-long manhunt uncovers more than a dangerous killer; an intimate portrait of all involved reaches far beyond town lines, and ventures into secrets too vital to reveal.


Told in two parts--two books in one volume--Ghost Town is 400 pages of thriller, small town saga, and deeply felt characters. The first printing of only 300 copies, scheduled for spring 2023, is available now for preorder. 

Ghost Town

SKU: 364215375135191
Available Spring 2023
  • Ghost Town: first paprerback edition

    Author: Kirsten Reed

    Publisher: Maine Authors Publishing

    Print Date: Spring 2023

    Pages count: 400

    Copyright: Kirsten Reed 

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